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One of my biggest flaws is my indecisiveness. Choosing a topic to write about for my service journalism assignment has been a real headache.
I originally thought about the topic of America’s obsession with England’s royal family. I thought it would be a good idea because in the media recently I’ve seen many headlines about them. I thought okay I’ve made my choice I can move on, but as usual I started questioning my decision. Then I remember reading an article about planned parenthood new president, Dr. Leana Wen, I found her very interesting, and thought that a personality profile about her would also be a good idea. Now, I’m not sure with which story I want to go with. as of right now I’m leaning more towards the personality profile on Dr. Wen, but who knows I might wake up tomorrow and come up with a whole new topic.



Once a staple in every home in America, the newspapers decline has been a steep one.With social media being the number one source for this generation to get their news, it’s no wonder the newspaper is dying. some out there that may think that the newspaper is worth saving, The NIE is an organization that gives teachers access to the newspaper, so they can incorporate them in their teaching curriculum. I was able to have a conversation with HCC English professor Pushkin, she’s involved with NIE, and I was able to get some insight on what the NIE does. something g that professor Pushkin said was that students that read the newspaper do better on standardized test and are more likely to become register voters. That made me think maybe the newspaper isn’t a complete waste of paper but it might actually have a larger impact then I originally thought it had. The reason why I think this a topic of interest to HCC students is because many students want to go in to journalism, or education , and the fate of the news paper would have direct impact in their field .

Interview Preparation

The first challenge I faced with the interview was figuring out who I could interview.I thought about it and remembered that professor Pushkin once mentioned she worked for the Tampa bay Time, I did some research and found out she was evolved with the NIE. From there I started brain storming on what I wanted to focus my interview, I didn’t want to make my interview focused just on 1 person. It took me longer than I thought but I came up with a plan. To my demise, my great plan evolved me having to interview more people. after I had my questions ready, I had to set up a time for an interview with professor Pushkin out of everything that was the simplest thing out of the interview.  The other interviews were slightly more difficult to set up, my goal was to set up an interview with a teacher that was evolved with the NIE, but I wasn’t able to get in contact with any of them. Thankfully I was able to come up with other sources, and everything worked out just fine.

Newspaper: a dying enigma or educations next big thing

In this daschool-news-color-imagey in age, the newspaper is considered to be a dying outlet by many, specially by the younger generation.

The future of the printed newspaper that was once a staple in many homes, is unknown. there is no telling how much the lack of interest shown by the millennials and generation z, will affect the once trusted news outlet, all that we can be certain of is that it will never be able to go back to its once glory days.

Tampa bay times has started the NEI Newspaper in Education program, where its goal is to promote the use of the newspaper as a tool in the education.  Hopefully this program can give the newspaper some exposure within the younger generation.

For my article I’m going to interview professor Pushkin , who is involved with the NIEprogram  , as well as students from different grade levels and hopefully a teacher that uses the newspaper in their curriculum .

here are some questions that i will be asking .

(not in order )


  1. How can the newspaper be used in education? How are some ways that they use the newspaper within their teaching curriculum?

2.What are some initiatives that are being taken by the NIE to promote the newspaper for education?

3 .How can schools get involved

  1. what are their thoughts on the newspaper?
  2. do they enjoy having classwork that requires them to use it?
  3. would they consider reading the newspaper outside of school ?
  4. what type of workshops does the NIE offer ?
  5. have they noticed any changes in the students attitude toward the newspaper ?
  6. whats the NIE vision ? what are their hopes for the program ?
  7. what have the responds been of the schools involved with the NIE?

My Dream interview 


If Iwere given the opportunity to interview anyone on the planet , I would hands down choose Elon Musk .To some he’s just an egoistic billionaier  that can’t take criticism  , but melonany view Elon Musk  as a visionary .  No matter what your opinion on Musk is there is no denying that he’s a very  man is smart , not only did he found tesla , but he’s also founder and CEO of SpaceX .Musk’s odd personality and SpaceX is what intrigues me the most , and having the chance to have a one on one conversation with him is an opportunity , that I could never turn down.I would start off the interview by asking him what his end goal for SpaceX is following up with what he hopes space travel to look like 100 years into the future.I would later ask him, what’s his reasoning for believing in the simulation theory & what are his thoughts on scientology.Lastly, I would ask what his believes on alien are . By the end of the interview I would like to have a  better insight on Elon Musk .

My Introduction


Hi !Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset My name is Nancy , I’m currently a computer science major , but not for much longer. As much as I love the concept and content of computers, coding is just not for me . Mass Communications has always been something that I’ve had an interest in , specifically in the public relations  field .If I had to describe myself in a few words , I would say I’m loyal , generous , and somewhat stubborn .In my free time i like to binge watch Netflix and read random articles i find online .My current favorite shows are the Big Bang Theory and Game Of Thrones ,  sadly both are coming to an end . My taste in music has always been , a bit weird  , it ranges from what my friends call ” sad music ” to alternative rock .  My favorite band at the moment has to be Don Bronco .I hope that in this class I’m able to get a feel of what being a communications major has in stored for me .