I’ve always been intrigued by conspiracy theories.  Some I see as fiction, like the theory that the earth is flat or that we are in a simulation controlled by superior race, but there are also those that I believe that have some truth to them.

The first conspiracy that got me intrigued was the conspiracy surrounding Area 51 , a top secret military base that the public knows little about .

By reading many articles and watching countless videos, I started discovering many other fascinating conspiracies,

My top favorite conspiracies are

  1. JFK assassination being an inside job
  2. The twin towers attack conspiracy
  3. Ancient Egyptian civilization had alien help building the pyramids
  4. The new world order conspiracy

Even though I believe some parts of certain conspiracies, its always important to keep in mind that these are just theories with no solid proof to back them up

For some great conspiracy videos I recommend watching Kendall Rae & Shane Dawson   .shane dawson channel kendall rae’s channel



Today’s society is obsessed with technology, we are always looking for the next big gadget to hit the market, or for the next big discovery. the demand for scientist & engineers is at its all-time high, but still with a demand so big there is still a disturbingly low percentage of females going in to the STEM fields.

Female representation in the fields has always been low, but in our era, were we are coming in terms with gender equality, celebrating woman’s freedom to express themselves, and to be free from the cast they were put in for many years, we are still seeing a slow rate in the involvement of women in the field.

Much can be, because of the lack of exposure young girls get, for years stem fields were always pushed towards boys, and those girls that showed interest in any of those fields were labeled a ‘’tomboy’’ , less female then the girls that played mom with their dolls .

Not only do females still face that, but those who do go into the fields have to endure sexism and mistreatment in their jobs.

Thankfully women aren’t allowing this suppression anymore, know they use their voices and knowledge to stand up for themselves and other.

In the recent years there has been many organizations created to bring exposer of them careers to young girls. programs like She Can STEM, not only do they expose girls to STEM fields, but they also introduce them to women that are achieving in their fields, like Bonnie Ross , who is the head of halo game studios  at Microsoft


Celebrities are also bringing attention to the subject, supermodel & avid computer programmer Karlie Kloss founded a program called Kode with Klossy, to empower girls to learn to code and to get involved in computer programming.

As corny as it might sound the future is female .


Bonnie Ross





sky space dark galaxy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The universe is always expanding .

With so many galaxies out there that haven’t discovered, how can we say that we are the only beings in the universe.

Not only would it be ignorant of us but egotistical, to think that the humane race is the only thing inhabiting the universe.

For years those who believed in aliens were seen as nutjobs in society. in today’s era there has been an upraise in the acceptance of these believes, with millennials labeling themselves as “woke” many have come to warm up to the idea of aliens. thanks to the recent fascination with conspiracy theories that’s surround area 51, and the Roswell incident, aliens have gained popularity.

even with popularity extraterrestrial beings have gained , the topic is still a touchy subject for some .

If anyone wants to see more about the subject, I recommend watching Dr. Steven Greer documentary “Unacknowledged” , available on Netflix .


Unacknowledged trailer


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For my newsy video I’ve chosen the video called  Yemen war may have caused 85,000 children to die from starvation  .

I choose this specific video because , i believe that not many people pay attention or care about the starvation rate in the world . especially that caused by war .

we are lucky to have never experienced the full effects of war , but others like the children from yemen aren’t as lucky.

I find it devastating that the UN or countries as powerful as the United States are not doing more to help the children , that have no fault .




Newsy is a website that is source to many unbiased news videos from around the world. My time exploring newsy was very enjoyable, personally I’m more of an article reader when it comes to catching up on any type of news but having a video that explains and has more visuals is pretty neat. their videos are very well thought out with good information, the only downside I see, is that the videos are short, maybe leaving out some detail that may change the outcome of how the news is received. Their website is well designed having tabs labeling where a person go to choose a specific topic they are interested in . Overall newsy is a website I would recommend , there is something for everyone to enjoy .

two person watching video on laptop
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One of my biggest flaws is my indecisiveness. Choosing a topic to write about for my service journalism assignment has been a real headache.
I originally thought about the topic of America’s obsession with England’s royal family. I thought it would be a good idea because in the media recently I’ve seen many headlines about them. I thought okay I’ve made my choice I can move on, but as usual I started questioning my decision. Then I remember reading an article about planned parenthood new president, Dr. Leana Wen, I found her very interesting, and thought that a personality profile about her would also be a good idea. Now, I’m not sure with which story I want to go with. as of right now I’m leaning more towards the personality profile on Dr. Wen, but who knows I might wake up tomorrow and come up with a whole new topic.


Once a staple in every home in America, the newspapers decline has been a steep one.With social media being the number one source for this generation to get their news, it’s no wonder the newspaper is dying. some out there that may think that the newspaper is worth saving, The NIE is an organization that gives teachers access to the newspaper, so they can incorporate them in their teaching curriculum. I was able to have a conversation with HCC English professor Pushkin, she’s involved with NIE, and I was able to get some insight on what the NIE does. something g that professor Pushkin said was that students that read the newspaper do better on standardized test and are more likely to become register voters. That made me think maybe the newspaper isn’t a complete waste of paper but it might actually have a larger impact then I originally thought it had. The reason why I think this a topic of interest to HCC students is because many students want to go in to journalism, or education , and the fate of the news paper would have direct impact in their field .